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Thrift Shop: 14" Eye Drum Skin, with minor issues.

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Visionary Drum 14" " Eye" design drum skin with minor issues:

1.Hand-cut, early prototype! Barely noticeable but the circle is not quite perfect--I'm only human dammit! Perfect otherwise...other than:

2. Non-branded. You'll have to tell your friends about Visionary Drum through words and wild gesticulation.

*Image shown is stock image--not the actual skin.


Graphic drum SKIN. Apply directly on top of your existing drum head(s) and drum in a whole new way. Add a playable layer of awesome to your kit and some mojo to your visual groove!

  • Durable, superfine, non-vinyl weave with cleanly removable adhesive 
  • For smooth or coated drum heads. *Smooth head required for bass drum use 
  • Excellent image quality with rich colors and fine detail
  • Mild dampening effect--improves clarity & reduces harsh overtones
  • Perfect for use with drum lighting systems--they glow!
  • Significantly extends the life of the drum head it is applied to
  • Easy to install--instructions included with notes for mic-port cutting
  • Actual skin size is 1/2" smaller than size indicated for ease of placement

Want to see the skins in action? Check out our video demos

Also available as a Remo-made drum HEAD, see the Graphic Drum Heads section.

Questions? Ask away, we speak drum!