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Galaxy Comet LED Drum Light – IR Remote

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Visionary Drum and Galaxy Drum Lights are truly a dynamic duo!

Way better than that peanut butter/chocolate revelation that shook the world--this is Drums on Photons, and it's a vividly transcendental drumming experience! We're giddy about the light/art/drum combo and we think you will be too. 

Lights! Sound! Vision!


The original triggered drum light! Install into one drum or an entire kit from a single remote. With the ability to control multiple LED light strips per system, your performance becomes your paramount focus. Have instant control of multiple color options and patterns, triggered or static, and powered via battery or power supply.

– Internal and external trigger options

– 44 button remote

– Full RGB intensity control

– Trigger sensitivity and duration options

– 20 color presets

– Always-on and pattern settings

– 6 color customization settings

– 5 patterns with speed control

– pause and save features

– Control multiple lights per system using our supplied splitter cable and expansion pack


– Remote

– Power supply

– 2 LED strips

– Splitter cable