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Sally Nissen


Sally Huang-Nissen 黃玉良 (Huang Yu-Liang)

Growing up in a Chinese home with two accomplished calligraphers as parents, Sally was encouraged to learn Chinese calligraphy (書法), and other forms of artistic expression. 

At Oregon State University, Sally chose art as her minor subject, thus gaining exposure to Western artistic theory and application. 

After retiring from a career in human resources training and development, Sally has focused on Chinese classical brush painting, 工筆 (Gong Bi style). Gong Bi painting is also described as "fine line painting".  The artist first draws the outline of the subject matter, then fills with multiple applications of pigment and water in order to achieve color intensity. The Gong Bi style of painting requires meticulous and elaborate brush work.  

Since 2009, Sally has spent 3 months a year in Taipei, Taiwan in order to study with two leading Taiwanese teacher/artists, Ms.Lin Shu-Nu 林淑女 and Mr. Chang Ko-Chi 張克齊

As a member of Oregon Society of Artists for 10 years, Sally has exhibited her paintings at a variety of venues in Oregon.

Relocating to Colorado Springs recently, Sally is now a member of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society.  Sally has exhibited her work at Pikes Peak Watercolor Society 2019 International Exhibit, as well as Southern Colorado Watercolor Society 2020 Exhibit.

You can learn more and view more of Sally's work at her website: