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Danny Stephens

As a collective in an ascent towards novelty, art bridges the gap that language leaves. I feel that the hive-mind produces solutions to our problems through the creative expression of any individual who pauses long enough to listen. Anything else in my mind is speculation. I have re-written my statement enough times to learn that my biggest mistake has been to be concrete in my views and processes. My art has become about curiosity. Each painting is a dive into a particular observation hoping to visually explain what I fall so short on linguistically. The fields that drive my curiosity most are synchronicity, perception, and that curiously interactive structure that lies just beneath it all. I have come to learn it is impossible to fully grasp it, but I feel it imperative to try. As for why I paint… I truly do not know yet. I left Mississippi in 2010. After traveling the western states I was led to finish my art teaching degree from the University of Utah in 2015. Landing in Portland after graduating, I discovered visionary art and have been trying to scratch that itch ever since.