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Chris Georgenes


Chris started life like most humans, covered in placenta and with minimal motor skills. It was not long before he learned how to use both hands and feet as a groove-oriented drummer in a variety of bands across the Boston music scene. With over 40 years of experience, Chris has been playing drums longer than doing anything else.

 Chris is a veteran of the Boston music scene since the early ‘90s with an original power trio that went by the name Amongus. Their music was an eclectic mix of influences ranging from Primus to King Crimson to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. They enjoyed a wild run headlining major rock club venues from Boston to New York City.

Chris was also the drummer for the house band at a popular blues club called Harper’s Ferry now known as The Brighton Music Hall. One evening Chris was on stage breaking down his drums after a show and was approached by a stranger who offered him a cash tip. “You guys blew me away. I insist you take this” he said. Turned out to be $600 from Darius Rucker.

 Chris’s journey continues with the very popular cover band, The Boston Naturals. A collection of 5 talented musicians who've hurled their worn and battered musical carcasses into the abyss of the Boston music scene for the pleasure of those who flock to see them. With upwards of 100 shows per year throughout New England, the Boston Naturals enjoy playing to audiences of all shapes and sizes.

 Another cover band project is called Maddie & The Daddies featuring lead vocalist Madeleine Fontaine and songs from artists such as The Cranberries, Audioslave, Alanis Morrisette, Pink and No Doubt to name a few.

 Chris often gets the call to play for various artists and bands as a hired gun. Sometimes these calls come last minute without even a set list. But Chris is always there early and the last to leave and continues to love every minute of it.

You can see more of his fine work at the following sites: