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Charms visionary drum big fat snare drum

New! Charms design Big Fat Snare Drum/ Visionary Drum collaborative dampener.


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This is exactly what I wanted! I absolutely love it, and they made it so easy. The directions were super easy and simple, and the skin looks amazing. Will definitely shop from here again!

Colleen Averill

Justin was a pleasure to work with. The art is fantastic! We are going to be repeat customers. Great communication too, wonderful experience!

Christine Voorhies-Travis

He totally went above and beyond what I was hoping for. Super high quality. Really quick turnaround. I will definitely hit him up the next time I need a random image on my bass drum!

Andy Painter

Justin put up with my crazy ideas and made it work. I got the product, and was over the top with how impressed I was with it. The quality of the skin is impeccable.

Paul Campbell

Very patient and helpful. The finished product came out amazing, you can trust he will make sure it looks better then you hoped and of a high professional quality.

Hunter Kennedy

Sound & Vision!

Our products offer a new way of interacting with your drums. Imagine the possibilities! Integrate the visuals to create an enhanced, distinctive experience for yourself and anyone lucky enough to be watching you play.